Chef Geoffrey Michael Products Don't just Season it......Spicet!


The "Smokin' Texas" BBQ Team of Jake Beaver, David Otto and James Watson have 

been in the BBQ cooking competition for 17 years. We've tried alot of different spices 

and rubs, even tried making our own, before using Chef Geoffrey Michael Products. 

Chef Geoffrey has given us a definete edge on the other competitors with his Cajun 

Breakdown, Gabrielle and Spicet Seasonings. Needless to say, using Chef Geoffrey's 

spices has earned us Three Grand Championships, One State Championship, and 

we have been in the top five this year in the six cookoffs we have competed in.

 When we're not on the BBQ Cook-off Tour, we use these spices on all our home 

recipes.....chicken, steaks, seafood, pork and vegetables. Original Spicet is the 

Ultimate Flavor Enhancer, that will Enrich all your dishes with a true "Depth of Flavor". 

Thank You Chef Geoffrey!

The "Smokin Texas" BBQ Team,

Jake Beaver, David Otto, James Watson